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Pembina Cross Border Freight

Transporting Pembina cross border freight is a job that R+L Global Logistics is well equipped to handle between the U.S. and Canada. This port of entry is noted as the fifth busiest along the approximately 5,500-mile Canadian and U.S. border which stretches from Maine to Washington State.

Pembina, North Dakota, located in the northeast corner of the state, is just across the Red River from Minnesota. Interstate 29 is the main north to south artery through the area, taking freight throughout to the Great Plains or north into Canada. This area is a gateway for freight traveling from the Midwest and other regions to reach central regions of Canada like Winnipeg, Manitoba. The all-important intersection of I-29 with I-94 near Fargo crisscrosses the Great Plains from east to west.

Pembina Cross Border Freight
and R+L Global Logistics

R+L Global Logistics maintains a vast network of resources in this part of the country to assist customers shipping freight on either side of the Canadian border. While I-29 runs north from Kansas City, Missouri to the Canadian border at Pembina, it is a critical link for transporting freight from the Midwest north into Canada.

Freight Shipping Quote

The R+L Global Logistics team knows the Pembina region well and how to handle cross border freight. We take delivering your goods on time, every time seriously.

R+L Global Logistics offers:

Trust Canada Cross Border Freight with R+L Global Logistics LTL Shipping
LTL (less than a truckload)
Trust Canada Cross Border Freight with R+L Global Logistics Refrigerated Shipping
Refrigerated or Temperature-Controlled
dry van
FTL (full truckload)
Cross docking

When it’s time for cross border shipping, R+L Global Logistics has the right solution to meet your needs. We are able to answer all questions and help plan everything from pickup, clearing customs to delivery on either side of the border.


Advantages of Pembina Cross Border Freight

Freight making it this far north is likely destined for delivery near Winnipeg, Manitoba, which is the largest city in this part of Canada. In reverse, a number of key commodities from Canada also makes the trek to the lower Continental U.S.

One major advantage shippers realize as they work with R+L Global Logistics is that we are not pushing a one-size-fits-all shipping solution for cross border freight. We are listening carefully in order to match each customer with the best option. Our team has built relationships with an experienced network of resources familiar with shipping freight on either side of the border.  

In addition, we make sure all documentation required for international freight is in place for cross border shipping. This step saves time at the border and means your freight is not waiting to clear customs or lost in a warehouse. We take cross border shipping seriously because it could mean delays or lost resources if the supply chain is altered. It’s our goal to keep things running efficiently regardless of the final destination on either side of the border.

 Pembina cross border freight includes:




petroleum products


processed food






mining aggregate

Since R+L Global Logistics is a family owned company, it means we have the flexibility to meet requests from a variety of shippers who need to transport cross border freight. Our team works diligently to put everything in place, customized for each shipper.

Partner with R+L Global Logistics for Cross Border Freight

R+L Global Logistics is your Pembina cross border freight partner. Our goal to empower your business to make Pembina cross border shipping simple and easy. By working closely with R+L Global Logistics, shippers have added assurance that Pembina cross border shipping is a top priority with unparalleled service throughout the journey. We have assembled a vast network of trusted resources to cover every detail of cross border freight shipping.

Additional Pembina cross border shipping services include:

white glove
White Glove
oversized freight
Oversized Freight
Automobile Shipping
dry van
Dry Van
flat bed shipping

Pembina cross border freight shipping is a job for the team at R+L Global Logistics. Our freight experts are ready to navigate your cross border journey to make sure your goods are delivered on time, every time.

Give us a call when it’s time to discuss Canada cross border shipping.


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