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Shipping From Canada to U.S. For Repair

When you require services for shipping from Canada to U.S. for repair, you want to ensure that the returns process is as inexpensive and smooth as possible. This is to pr


Canada Cross Border Freight
October 2, 2019
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When you require services for shipping from Canada to U.S. for repair, you want to ensure that the returns process is as inexpensive and smooth as possible. This is to prevent any delays in shipping, handling, customs and repairs along with returns. Some people don’t know how to correctly prepare their shipment paperwork for returns to avoid further customs duty. 

By following the guidelines set by the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) and CBP (United States Customs and Border Protection), you can make shipping from Canada to U.S. for repair simple. In many cases, you don’t have to pay duties when shipping from Canada to the U.S. for repair. You’ll need to file a Temporary Importation Under Bond entry, along with a few other important forms. 

If you are currently in a situation where you have been surprised with duties that you didn't expect as you were under the impression shipments were in need of repair, then you need some help. You want to avoid paying duties, and for that you need to understand how to start shipping from Canada to U.S. for repair. Hundreds of companies across the globe are faced with this shipping problem, and a strategic logistics partner can help.

Duty and Tax on Goods Shipped For Repair

What are repairs? Repairs or alterations mean updating or fixing a product in a way that doesn’t destroy the item or create a new item. This might include: renovation, restoration, addition, cleaning, re-sterilizing. Choosing to import goods temporarily to be repaired from the U.S. to Canada requires filing of a Temporary Importation Under Bond entry. Customs requires this entry to be filed within 15 working days of the goods arrival for clearance with Customs. When you do this within five working days, you avoid storage fees by the carrier.

If there are any repairs made under warranty, it should be indicated on the invoice, and duty may be required if the difference is a substantial amount. If you are declaring a warranted repair, there will be no duties payable.

Documents Needed When Shipping Goods For RepairDocuments Needed When Shipping Goods For Repair

It’s important that you have the correct documents to hand when you are temporarily importing goods to be repaired, altered or processed in the U.S. When you ship from Canada to the U.S. for repairs, you need the Temporary Importation Under Bond entry, as we mentioned. However, this isn’t the only document required. The entry documents must be filed at a location specified by the port director within 15 working days. The documents you will need when shipping from Canada to U.S. for repair are:

  • CBP Form 7533 Entry Manifest or the CBP Form 3461 - Application and Special Permit for Immediate Delivery. Otherwise its another form of merchandise release that the port director requires
  • Evidence of your right to make entry
  • Pro forma invoice or commercial invoice
  • Packing lists
  • Any other documents to determine merchandise admissibility

Within 10 working days of the entry of the goods for repair, an Entry Summary for Consumption document needs to be filed and estimated duties deposited at the port of entry. The duties are applicable if alterations have created new products or used more new parts.

What Happens if the Repairs Aren’t Covered by a Warranty?

If goods are imported for warranty repair work, they are non-taxable. However, if the repairs aren't covered by the warranty but the conditions of section 13 of the Value of Imported Goods Regulations are met, tax is only payable on the value of the work done in the U.S., including the value of any added goods plus customs duties owed. 

What If the Goods Have Been Altered or Improved?What If the Goods Have Been Altered or Improved

Any goods are usually eligible for repair duty-free, however, there is a provision that says that the goods value cannot have been advanced, nor the condition improved whilst abroad for repairs. So, if the items sent for repair were improved, the duty could be owed on the fair market value of labor, or as the item has been changed. For example, if you took gold into the U.S. and it returned to Canada as jewelry, it won’t be able to enter duty-free as substantial changes have been made. 

Any goods that are being returned through Customs and Border Protection, the importer should file the CBP Form 311 Declaration for Free Entry of American Goods Returned.

Ship Goods to and From Canada With R+L Global Logistics

When you are looking for a company to assist with shipping from Canada to U.S. for repair, it’s important to find a team that knows what they are doing. There are a lot of forms and rules involved when it comes to trying to avoid paying duties on goods after repair, and it only takes being unprepared to be slapped with a bill for repair and return. At R+L Global Logistics, we endeavor to ensure that your goods are sent for repair with the required documentation so that you can clear Canada customs with ease. No matter whether your repairs are crossing the border in Calais, ME, or Oroville, WA, we are prepared to get your shipment on the move.

Not only do we offer cross-border shipping service, but we offer a wide range of import and export options for both domestic and international customers. We are your single point of contact customs broker and strategic logistics partner who can manage your shipping inquiry from start to finish and with no confusion. Our team members are well-trained experts on shipping, and they go above and beyond to ensure that your shipment is cleared on time and safely. 

Shipping from Canada to U.S. for repair should not be a headache for you, and with R+L Global Logistics working with you, you can bet that it won’t be. We work all long the border, including in states and cities like Minnesota and International Falls-Ranier. Trust us with your goods and you will receive top-quality service like GST, efficiency and safety every step of the way. Give us a call now at 855-915-0573 and see how valuable we can be for you.

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2 comments on “Shipping From Canada to U.S. For Repair”

  1. I live in Haliburton Ontario.
    I have a wineguard Rv traveller Shaw antenna that I would like to return to Winegard. 2736 Mount Pleasant St Burlington, IA. 52601.

    This item weighs about 30 Lds and is about 18” X 30” X 14”
    Where are you located and how much approx. would your services cost me.
    I have a Return Materials Authorization Form from Wineguard

  2. If the cargo is within 100 kgs, and cargo value no more than usd10,000, then could arrange to send the cargo to USA to repair. But if the shipment with more than 500 kgs, and cargo value more than usd10,000 and made in China, then could consider return to Chinese bonded warehouse and arrange workers to bonded warehouse to repair, as free duty and tax, no need deposit。 Chinese bonded warehouse logistics and return customs clearance brokerage. Merry whataspp:0086 13798260157

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